JigLabs formed in the summer of 2017 with founders from USA and Europe. The experience in the team ranges from research & development to IT leadership to business management with educational backgrounds from M.Sc to MBA. Together, we have the expertise to create cutting edge technologies and efficient processes to deploy exciting new products.

Guiding Principles

It is important that we attract the correct people with an aligned vision and common values. Guiding us on that path are the following points:


When having fun, we are more likely to put in extra time and effort. It brings us energy and often times makes us more productive with optimal results. A simple laugh can carry us through, even during difficult and stressful situations.

Challenger Mindset

Moving forward, the world will never be as slow as it is today. We will always improve, learn, act, and innovate.

Let's Do It

We roll up our sleeves and make things happen. We take risks, accept the failures, learn from the mistakes, iterate, and improve.


Brad Halonen

Business Development

Educated in Finance - Brad is a serial entrepreneur and inventor with a passion for all things business.

Summary An average guy who happens to fly

Ryan Pulkrabek

Technology Development

Machine learning specialist and mechanical engineer with a desire to create great new technology. Has 10 years industrial experience and is a hacker at heart.

Summary: Has been successful dividing by 0

Pasi Sarinko

Systems Development

Professional services with over 20 years of experience leading IT service operations in Nordic countries. Experienced in project management and technical sales.

Summary: Shaves with an Apache helicopter

Jani R├Ąty

Software Development

Master of Information Engineering with over 20 years of professional programming experience.

Summary: Combination of Judge Dredd and Han Solo

If you are interested in learning more or have any questions for our team - please contact us at info@jiglabs.io

It only takes a minute; let's do it!