Egg Crack Detection

We track and classify 216,000 eggs per hour with our innovative full-stack lighting, camera, and customizable software solution.

Cracked Egg 99%
Good Egg 0%
Clutter 0%

Part Inspections

For conditional based maintenance, our solutions can classify the amount of rust, debris, or lubrication in components, allowing technicians to replace the component as needed.

Rust Level 4 76%
Rust Level 5 12%
Rust Level 3 4%

Valve Status

Our solutions can check the actual status of a setting or machine, such as a valve with a padlock. We provide the confirmation of that system's status.

Open and Locked 94%
Open and Unlocked 2%
Closed and Locked 1%

Plate Cleanliness

This stainless steel plate has a fingerprint on it. Our solution provides a method to tell an operator to clean before continuing to produce pharmaceuticals.

Dirty 99%
Clean 0%
Clutter 0%

Fish Species ID

Most fisherman know what is the species of fish they caught, however, writing that name to a log may be too cumbersome. We provide the automation to make it enjoyable.

Largemouth Bass 99%
Smallmouth Bass 0%
White Bass 0%

Bird Species ID

There are close to 1000 species of birds in North America. This provides a fun challenge to spot and identify. We provide a way to determine what the user does not know.

Cedar Waxwing 84%
Bohemian Waxwing 15%
Java Sparrow 0%

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